Gigglewater Prosecco

An appropriate name for such a lively and delightful sparkling wine. Kissed with a touch of honey and mingled with a melody of apple, pear and citrus flavours makes this such a fun wine to enjoy. A fantastic start to any eve and will pair beautifully with an appetizer of charcuterie, fruits and cheese.


Trapiche Pinot Grigio

Trapiche is Argentina's largest fine wine exporter. This is a refreshing wine crafted in the Italian Pinot Grigio fashion with lifted aromas of ripe pear, lemon, and red apple. Dry, with crisp acidity and medium bodied, it makes for an easy drinking style.


Mirabeau Classic Rosé

This lovely Provence Rose is crafted from a mix of Syrah, Grenache and Cinsault. It’s delicate pale salmon hue offers a glimpse of the expressive melody of red berry fruit found on the palate. Dry and elegant with the acidity of fresh strawberries, apple and a hint of spice.


Joie Pinot Noir

This Pinot Noir is sourced from their Naramata vineyards and made in a fruit forward style for early drinking. Pleasant acidity is balanced with bright red fruits of cherry and raspberry. Light bodied and fresh makes it a versatile wine for pairing with salmon and tuna dishes.


Stolichnaya Vodka

Stolichnaya has long standing Russian roots that stem back to 1848. This is a classic wheat and rye grain vodka that has been quadruple filtered and blended with pure spring water. It shows delicate citrus peel and floral aromas. Smooth on the palate sprinkled with peppery notes on the finish.


The Woods Gin

This evolution of a classic dry Gin is high on Northwest character. Juniper-forward and enhanced with hops, it’s distilled under a vacuum at mild temperatures to bring out more vibrant, lush flavours. A style crafted for the London Dry sipper.


Jameson Irish Whiskey

Ireland’s quintessential blended whiskey. Triple distillation gives this whiskey a smooth and creamy mouthfeel that carries flavours of wildflower honey, ginger and caramelized apple.A gentler whiskey for those that prefer a lighter style with sweet vanilla spice.


Hey Y’all Peach

Real Southern style black iced tea, packaged and ready to enjoy with all your sunny day activities. Lightly sweet and uncarbonated, with a hint of Georgia peach.  


Stanley Park Trail Hopper IPA

West coast IPA with balanced bitterness and malt profile. Touch of bready malt sweetness, followed by heavy dose of West coast hops.


Steamworks Pale

NW style pale combines hints of lightly toasted malts with a beautiful floral and citrus aroma. Undertones of malt sweetness and balanced hop bitterness make for a refreshing finish.


Stella Artois

Traditional Belgian pilsner brewed since 1366, world renowned for its balanced malts and floral hops.


Left Field Little Dry Cider

Light and refreshing with a slight effervescence, Little Dry is blended to highlight the natural characteristics of the crisp, fresh apples from which it is made.



August Tasting Notes By Lynn Coulthard

The Hatch B. Yanco

Made predominantly from Pinot Blanc with just a dollop of Gewurztraminer to add a hint of a floral note. An Okanagan gem that has seen no oak and is produced in a crisp, clean style with refreshing acidity. It is laden with citrus fruits, green apple and tangy grapefruit on the finish. Perfect as a summer sipper. Try with poached BC salmon and apple spinach salad.


Raza Pinot Grigio

The Argentinian producer, La Riojana is known for its amazing wines and at an affordable price. Produced in a northern Italian Pinot Grigio style, this wine is light bodied, dry and offers juicy mouth watering acidity along with flavours of apple, white peach and lemon peel. Smoked BC salmon with a touch of dill mayo makes for a great appy pairing!


Fitzpatrick Rosé

So exciting to see these wines out on the market from the Fitzpatrick family (prior owners of Cedar Creek winery) This Pinot Noir Rose only sees some skin contact making for a light., delicate style. The wine has a wonderful creamy mid-palate texture and is brimming with strawberry, rhubarb and a hint of sweet spice. Baked BC salmon with a rhubarb and strawberry compote is one delicious match!


Trapiche Pinot Noir

This Argentinian Pinot Noir is a light and refreshing fruit driven wine. It bursts with a melody of red fruit flavours of strawberry, cherries and ripe plums. An easy drinking style that can be enjoyed on its own. Pinot Noir goes beautifully with chargrilled BC salmon so fire up the barby!


Russian Standard Vodka

Classic Russian Vodka to the core. Using only winter wheat from the Russian Steppes and fresh glacial water from the northern lakes, this Vodka is crafted to produce a clean and crisp style. Smooth subtle flavours of citrus and mineral. Sip neat or try over crushed ice with ginger beer and lime for a great Moscow Mule!


Nirasaki Japanese Whisky

This blended Japanese Whisky has flavours of dried citrus peel with layers of sweet clove and vanilla spice to make for a rich and flavourful style of Whisky. Best served neat or on the rocks. For a long drink, add soda with a squeeze of lemon.



Semi dry-medium bodied, cloudy cider. Aroma of sweet ripe apples and candy. Best served on ice.


Red Racer ISA

Mosaic hops lend to this light and fruity ale. Bitterness and malt balanced with hop aromatics. Big on flavour, yet low in alcohol.


Parkside Dimwit

Port Moody take on a Belgian classic. Unfiltered wit with subtle notes of clove, coriander and citrus.


Corona 12-Pack

Brewed since 1925, and the colour of sunshine. Low bitterness and extra pale malt give Corona a light body and flavour. A top selling beer worldwide,  best enjoyed with a slice of citrus and a warm patio.


Stanley Park Sunsetter

 Hazy, pours with a big fluffy head, huge peach aroma and a little sweet, sunsetter wheat will make peach fans extremely happy.


Stiegl Radler

A classic Bavarian lager blended with natural grapefruit juice: result? The perfect summer beer. 2.5% abv and 75 calories per glass.


Whistler Grapefruit

Summer blonde with a twist, the addition of grapefruit zest, a little coriander and two types of hops. The result is a refreshingly aromatic, lightly hopped beer with a clean citrus finish.


Nude Vodka Soda Mixed Pack

Only 3 ingredients: premium vodka, sparkling water and natural lime. Zero sugar, zero carbs, gluten-free and only 100 calories. Four flavours inside: strawberry kiwi, peach, lime and cucumber mint.

July Tasting Notes By Lynn Coulthard

Gancia Prosecco

This sparkling is made from the best selection of Glera grapes coming from the Prosecco area in
Italy. Slightly off-dry and bursting with stone fruit and melon flavours makes this an ideal summer sipper. Add some melon with charcuterie for a perfect match!

Nichol Pinot Gris

A rose style produced by skin contact. This is a crisp and elegant style of Pinot Gris with aromas of orchard fruits and a hint of ginger. It is dry on the palate with fresh acidity offering a touch of grapefruit tanginess on the finish. Enjoy on the patio with grilled fish tacos and peach salsa.

Trapiche Rose

A Mendoza winery with a long running track record of producing fantastic wines. Comprised of a blend of 65% Malbec and 35% Cabernet Sauvignon, this Rose shows a melody of red and black
berries with a slight peppery spice. Seared Ahi or lighter meats would pair nicely.

Bayou Silver Rum

Distilled from locally grown sugarcane in southern Louisiana, this is an award-winning Rum that never disappoints. Crafted using a copper pot still followed by a short resting period in oak produces a smooth creamy mouthfeel with a touch of banana, sugar and spice on the palate. Crushed ice, dash of coconut water and a squeeze of lime will send you back for more.

Sipsmith Gin

Sipsmith’s goose-necked still, nicknamed Prudence, molds botanicals into a dry, juniper and
coriander dominant Gin. This is a quintessential expression of a classic, traditional London Dry Gin. Smooth enough for a Martini - perfect for a G&T. The lemon, orange and juniper flavours are beautifully harmonized.

June Tasting Notes By Lynn Coulthard

Jak’s Friend Pinot Gris

JAK’S is proud to offer this exclusive crafted by Jak Meyer from Meyer Family Vineyards in Okanagan Falls. Crisp and refreshing, this wine has zingy summer tones with pink grapefruit, apple and hints of citrus zest.


Poplar Grove Rose

A great Naramata rose produced from of a mix of Malbec, Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Franc grapes. The palate offers a touch of honey balanced with vibrant flavours of watermelon, strawberry and rhubarb. Try with some grilled prawns dusted in spice.


Louis Bernard Rose

A rich and spicy Cote du Rhone from Grenache and Syrah. Dry with a round palate layered with savoury notes and mingled with red berry fruits. Some nice weight finishing with a hint of peppery spice.


Absolut Vodka

Made exclusively from winter wheat this vodka showcases subtle flavours of grain, anise and dried fruit. On the palate, it is rich and as smooth as vodka can be. Enjoy with your favorite soda and a lime twist.


Highland Park Magnus Scotch

The whisky with a Viking soul named after its founder, Magnus Eunson. Aged for an average 8 years it shows subtle notes of smoke mingled with dried fruits and orange peel. Smooth silky texture makes for an approachable whisky. Seriously great value!


Diplomatico Mantuano Rum

This Venezuelan rum was aged 8 years in ex-Bourbon barrels which shows in its smooth silky hint of sweetness from the long ageing. Rich and powerful aromas of dried fruits, banana chips, vanilla and clove. Beautiful to sip on its own or with a dash of coconut water.


Whistler Grapefruit Ale
Summer blonde with a twist- the addition of grapefruit zest, a little coriander and two types of hops. The result is a refreshingly aromatic, lightly hopped and a clean citrus finish.


Red Truck Golden Ale
With its orange, coriander and honey flavour, drinking one of Red Trucks Golden ales is like marching your taste buds through the middle of a blooming alpine meadow.

P49 Trash Panda IPA

NE hazy IPA, bursting with tropical fruits, melon and pear. English ale yeast and massive dry hopping add lots of complex layers to this sessionable local brew.


Stiegl Lager
Floral hops and malt with grassy and lemon notes. Golden yellow with a medium dense head and lightly bitter on the finish.


Pacific Pilsner  
A Prince George classic, Canadian malts balanced with Saaz hops. Hint of citrus and clean finish.   


Hey Y’all

Easy drinking black tea, lightly sweetened and uncarbonated. Perfect for the beach, ball park or tailgate party.


Nutrl Lemon
Crafted locally in Delta, simple, clean and extremely delicious. No sugar, no carbs, just 3 ingredients- real lemon, soda and premium vodka.  


Twisted Tea
Made from select tea and natural lemon flavor, Twisted tea original is refreshing, smooth and delicious.


Steamworks Summer Ale
Citrusy wheat ale with sweet orange and lemon peel, grains of paradise and a little spice from the yeast. A poolside favourite.


First brewed in 1904, this lager is now a world wide classic. FUN FACT- All lagers brewed
worldwide are connected to the Carlsberg lager yeast. As they were the first to discover it in 1883






May Tasting Notes By Lynn Coulthard

Stellina di Notte Prosecco

Brought to you from the cool climate vineyards of Italy's northern Veneto region this lively Prosecco offers fresh pear, apple and white blossom notes. This summery sparkler is packed with juicy fruits and balanced with a touch of honey.


Mt. Boucherie Riesling

This off-dry Riesling showcases refreshing stone fruits mingled with green apple on the aromas and palate. Brimming with juicy goodness and finishes with a wet stone minerality. Perfect for the sunny weather and pairing with Cajun fish tacos.


Nichol Pinot Gris

Pink and 100% Naramata grown. This Pinot Gris is a dry, medium weighted style of wine that offers fresh acidity. Apricot and fresh strawberry mixed with a hint of ginger linger on the palate. Grilled prawns with an orchard fruit compote would pair nicely.


Howling Bluff Rose

This Pinot Noir Rose makes for an ideal patio sipper and a fabulous match for grilled salmon on the BBQ. Richly textured with flavours of strawberry, orange peel and cracked pepper. It is a crowd pleaser!


Stag’s Hollow Pinot Noir

Stag’s Hollow is a family-owned winery in Okanagan Falls that crafts this lovely Pinto Noir. Elegant and complex, this wine displays aromas of black cherry strawberry with sweet spice. Light round tannins make for an easy drinking red that can be enjoyed with or without food.


Finlandia Vodka

Finland’s vodka is made from a combination of Finnish six row barley and glacial water sourced from the Rajamäki spring. Distilled to produce a clean style with a light citrus character, this is one of the purest vodkas on the market.


Wiser’s Deluxe Whisky

J.P. Wiser’s Deluxe is an award-winning, full-flavoured Canadian rye whisky. With a rich aroma and a body that’s complex but balanced, you’ll taste oak, toasted grains, and rich toffee with a finish that is smooth and enduring.

QB Gin Lime Fizz
Locally made in Surrey at Central City brewing and distilling. Award winning Queensborough Gin is blended with natural lime flavour and soda.

QB Gin Grapefruit Fizz
Locally made in Surrey at Central City brewing and distilling. Award winning Queensborough Gin is blended with natural grapefruit flavour and soda.

Hey Y’all
Easy drinking black tea, lightly sweetened and uncarbonated. Perfect for the beach, ball park or
tailgate party.

Whistler Rescue Ale
Light and sessionable pale ale. Notes of tropical fruit, grapefruit, pineapple and citrus. Low to medium hop bitterness. Partial proceeds from this beer will be donated to the S.P.C.A.

Okanagan Springs 1516
Bavarian lager craft brewed to celebrate the landmark 1516 Purity law, The decree states that only 4 ingredients can be used when making beer: barley, hops, yeast and water.

Bud Light Radler Lemon
Classic American light beer paired with natural flavours of lemon. Light, refreshing and perfect for camping.

Bud Light Radler Grapefruit
Classic American light beer paired with natural flavours of grapefruit.Light, refreshing and perfect for camping.

Steamworks Pilsner
Traditional Czech style pilsner, rich, malty lager with a spicy floral hop character. Crisp, complex and delicious.





Lamarca Prosecco

Fresh and fruity with a touch of honey sweet. This lively sparkle is brimming with ripe melon, apple and stone fruits. Refreshing and fun it’s perfect for an antipasto platter or the start to any evening.


Carmel Road Unoaked Chardonnay

A vibrant, fresh unoaked style of Chardonnay coming from Monterey, California. The juicy acidity is nicely balanced with flavours of ripe apple, pear and peachy notes. Easily drunk on its own or it would pair beautifully with grilled Halibut accompanied by an orchard fruit compote.


Kettle Valley Gewurztraminer

From Naramata Bench, this wine is made in an Alsatian style. It shows classic varietal aromas of ripe stone fruits, rose petal and lychee nut with a rich weight and body. Gewurztraminer is an amazing match with Indian curries.


Roche Rose

With deep roots in French tradition this Naramata wine is crafted by Dylan and Penelope Roche. Produced from Zweigelt and Schonberger grapes that are given hours of skin contact, this wine displays a melody of red berries, watermelon and a hint of spice. Rose with finesse at its finest!


Murphy Goode Merlot

This fantastic rich and ripe California Merlot garnered 90 points by Wine Enthusiast. No wimpy Merlot here! This wine offers structure, depth and is packed with flavours of black cherry, vanilla and blueberry. Would pair wonderfully with grilled meats.


Grey Goose Vodka

Grey Goose is produced using only the finest soft winter wheat from Northern France which is blended with spring water before bottling in Cognac, France. This vodka is known for its silky sweet texture that envelopes the palate with subtle flavours of citrus peel and white flowers. Perfect for that martini!


Absolut Vodka

Absolut's iconic bottle was inspired by an 18th-century medicine bottle found in an antique shop in Stockholm, Sweden. Made exclusively from natural ingredients, this vodka showcases subtle flavours of grain, anise and dried fruit. On the palate, it is as smooth as vodka can be. Enjoy with tonic water and garnish with lime.

Jim Beam Black Extra-Aged

Jim Beam Black is aged for 6 years in new charred white American oak barrels. Those extra years of ageing give a full-bodied flavour with smooth caramel combined with powerful layers of spice on the finish. This whiskey recently won the Bourbon Trophy at the 2016 International Spirits Competition.  

Nutrl Vodka Soda Grapefruit

Made locally in Delta, this is going to be your favourite treat of the summer. Simple, clean and extremely delicious.  No sugar, no carbs, just 3 ingredients: real grapefruit, soda and premium local vodka.


Hey Y’all Peach

Real Southern style black iced tea, packaged and ready to enjoy with all your sunny day activities. Lightly sweet and uncarbonated with a hint of Georgia peach.


Red Truck Lager 8 pack

Golden in colour, light and easy drinking. Very mild bitterness and a clean finish. Made with Canadian Prairie two-row malted barley and hops imported from Germany and the Czech Republic. Red Truck Lager is a beer with world-class credential.



There is an excellent reason why Bavaria is the 2nd most widely enjoyed brewery in the Netherlands. It has a history dating back to the 16th century and has been owned by the Swinkel family since 1773. Brewed with local hops and malted in their own malting house. Tradition and quality ingredients shine in this light lager.



Brewed since 1925, and the colour of sunshine. Low bitterness and extra pale malt give Corona a light body and flavour. A top selling beer worldwide that is best enjoyed with a slice of citrus and a warm patio.

March Tasting Notes By Lynn Coulthard

March Tasting Notes By Lynn Coulthard

march flyer.png

Gancia Sparkling Rose

Delicately sparkling with a melody of floral aromas topped with fresh strawberry and watermelon. The uplifting flavours of red apple and red fruits are beautifully balanced with an elegant dry finish. This Italian sparkler is great start to any meal as it pairs wonderfully with appetizers.


Joie Unoaked Chardonnay

A medium bodied unoaked style of Chardonnay that lends roundness on the palate yet balanced with crisp citrus acidity. An aromatic and pure expression of Chardonnay from this Naramata producer loaded with stone fruit and apple flavours. Makes for an easy pairing with salads and seafoods.


Wild Goose Autumn Gold

This fruity blend of Gewurztraminer, Riesling and Pinot Blanc offers just a hint of sweetness balanced with zesty acidity. An easy drinking wine with fresh notes of ripe apple and stone fruits with a touch of honey. Sweet chili prawns would pair beautifully.


Moraine Cliffhanger Red

Rich flavours of cassis, Damson plum and ripe black fruits dominate the flavours with just a touch of vanilla. The grapes for this Merlot and Malbec blend are grown on the Anastasia Vineyard in Naramata Bench. Perfect for pairing with grilled meats and BBQ fare.


Bowmore Single Malt – 12 years

This medium-peated Islay whisky offers sweet smoky campfire notes mingled with baked citrus and honey. A great introduction into the Islay whiskies from this classic producer. In the words of Bowmore “vanilla ice cream at a beach bonfire” – who can resist that?


Jameson Irish Whiskey

Ireland’s quintessential blended whiskey. Triple distillation gives this whisky a smooth and elegant mouthfeel that carries flavours of wildflower honey, ginger and toffee apple. Add a little Irish to your St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations!


Maker’s Mark Bourbon

Classic Kentucky Bourbon with big, bold flavours of vanilla, toffee and baked peach. The use of winter wheat in the blend gives a smooth sweetness to this full- bodied whiskey. Loads of rich spices on the finish. Bourbon Pecan Pie anyone?


Effen Vodka

Effen is Dutch for “smooth and balanced” which is exactly what this vodka is. Made from using only premium French wheat, several distillations and stringent filtration, this gives this vodka a pure clean and smooth taste.


Steamworks Pilsner

Traditional Czech style pilsner, rich, malty lager with a spicy, floral hop character. Crisp, complex and delicious.  


Two Wolves Brown

Well balanced with a deep copper colour and aromas of roasted malts, cocoa and caramel.  Subtle nuttiness and medium bodied.


Two Wolves Blonde

Light in colour and in body, this beer is more malt forward than hop. Well rounded, smooth  and very easy to drink.



Roasted malts give this classic stout its rich coffee flavor and dark colour. These cans are traditionally carbonated with nitrogen, to give that creamy, delicious mouthfeel we’ve all known and loved for over 200 years.


Rock Creek cider

Made with Kelowna English-style cider apples. Medium bodied, medium carbonation and full of complexity. Hints of pear, cinnamon and vanilla.


February Tasting Notes by Lynn Coulthard

February Tasting Notes by Lynn Coulthard

February 2018 Specials

Danzante Prosecco

Fresh, lively and fun, this Prosecco will lend a sparkle to your Valentine’s Day celebrations! Brimming with aromas of summer fruits combined with bubbles that dance on the palate makes it perfect for sipping on its own. Would also pair nicely with your favorite antipasto platter.


Zaco Tempranillo

A full-bodied and well-structured Tempranillo from Rioja, Spain. Aged in American oak for 6-12 months and crafted in a modern style, this wine is laden with black cherry and Damson plum with vanilla and toasty notes on the finish. The rounded tannins balanced with silky mouthfeel make for an approachable style.


Adega Syrah

Coming from Osoyoos, this mid-weight Syrah shows enticing aromas of blackberry, black cherry, and leather wafting with black pepper. The well integrated tannins provide structure to the medley of rich black fruits followed by savoury notes on the palate. Will provide a beautiful compliment to meat and game dishes.


Glenfarclas Single Malt – 12 years

Since 1865, Glenfarclas has been owned by just one family - the Grants. Their whiskies have the signature of ageing in ex-sherry casks. This influence shows through on this rich, medium bodied whisky with notes of Oloroso sherry, fruitcake, toffee apple and orange zest on the aroma. Toasted nuts mingle with allspice lending to a long complex length.  


Courvoisier VS

A fusion of young and old Cognac that has been aged between three and seven years in Limousin oak. Elegant aromas of spring flowers, orange rind, pear and clove show while the oak introduces very subtle spice on a light and balanced palate. Courvoisier Cognac is said to have been the favorite drink of British novelist Charles Dickens.  


Parkside Pale Ale

This fresh ale is brewed with an emphasis on the citrus, floral notes of the hops rather than the bitterness. Subtle malt flavour combines with hop aromatics to create a satisfying pale ale for any occasion.


Twin Sails Pilsner

Brewed with 100% German pilsner malt, this beer has a pleasant grain flavour with a crisp finish. Generously hopped with Saaz gives it a mild spice flavour that adds to its easy drinkability.


Whistler Brewing Bear Paw Lager

Award winning honey lager brewed with 100% local BC honey. Aromas of sweet honey are combined with a silky, smooth mouthfeel that rounds out this unique local lager.



A light and easy drinking lager that has a long history and has been brewed since 1876 in Barcelona, Spain. Light and malty aroma on the nose. Toasted and creamy hop flavours are balanced with low carbonation.


Left Field Big Dry Cider

Looking for a traditional local dry cider? This blend is perfect for you! Bittersweet cider apples dominate whilst the fruity aromatics of Okanagan dessert apples round out the flavours.

January Tasting Notes by lynn coulthard

McGuigan Chardonnay

From one of Australia's most renowned wineries, this Chardonnay has lifted aromatics of citrus and stone fruits with some subtle integrated vanilla notes from a touch of oak. The refreshing acidity makes it great for enjoying on its own or pairing with seafoods and salads.

 Trapiche Rosé

Located at the foothills of the Andes Mountains, Trapiche is one of the most widely recognised Argentinean wine producers in the world. This Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon blend offers intense aromas of black fruits mingled with notes of strawberry. A medium dry style that is balanced with a crisp and refreshing finish.

 Il Romano Sangiovese

This juicy Italian Sangiovese makes for an easy drinking wine. Brimming with ripe fruits of cherry and plum with a touch of vanilla and black pepper on the finish. Mid-weight with soft ripe tannins. Perfect for pizza and tomato based pastas.

Absolute Vodka

Made exclusively from natural ingredients, showcasing subtle flavours of grain from winter wheat and dried fruit with a hint of anise. On the palate, it is smooth as vodka can be. Enjoy with tonic water and garnish with lime.

 Bacardi Gold

Hand blended, charcoal filtered and aged for two years in American white oak barrels. This rum brings depth and character to classic rum cocktails while maintaining balance. Expect vanilla, butterscotch and lemon zest aromas; subtle fruit and toffee flavours add to a lightly spiced warm finish.

 Brugal Añejo Rum

Brugal has been crafted in the Dominican Republic since 1888 to a time-honoured family process. This rum has matured for up to five years in specially selected ex-bourbon American oak casks.  A clean, smooth spirit that tastes of caramelized banana, dried pineapple and exotic sweet spice.

 Canadian Club Whisky

The legend of Canadian Club began in 1858 and grew to become one of the world's most iconic whiskies. Pouring a medium gold you will find aromas of roasted almond, vanilla and pepper; cornflakes and a faint nutty flavour on a medium weight palate with a spicy vanilla finish.

 Canadian Club Whisky - 40 year old

This rare whisky was released in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday. Silky rich toffee coats the mouth carrying through notes of sweet baking spice and pepper. Flavours of caramelized dried orchard fruits meld with vanilla and ginger on the palate. Seductively smooth.

 Yellow Dog Pale Ale

A longstanding favourite of Yellow Dog brewery fans as it is truly a BC-style pale ale. A piney-hop aroma is meshed with citrus and tropical fruit overtones. There is a subtle maltiness on the palate that lends some weight. A beer that is both flavourful and refreshing.

 Howe Sound Father John’s Winter Ale

A rich, malty seasonal ale brewed every fall for the winter months, this ale is made with four different malts, hops, and a complex blend of spices. This beer combines notes of sweet biscuit, roast and caramel with a spice blend that is nicely balanced. It brings with it memories of winter cheer and holiday warmth.


This iconic beer is defined by its distinct and velvety character. Loaded with aromas of coffee, toasted malt and hops. Full and bold on the palate with a creamy smooth texture and rich flavours. The delicate touch of bitterness adds a pleasing balance to the finish.

 Cariboo Genuine Draft

Cariboo Genuine Draft is a smooth, mild and well-balanced lager. Slightly malty with some residual sweetness and a crisp, clean finish.

Steamworks Winter Mash-Up

Celebrate the changing of the seasons with the return of the Winter Mash-Up. This year's Mash-Up features the award winning Black Angel IPA along with Heroica Red Ale, Pale Ale, and the newly released Winter Lager.

 Twisted Tea

Brewed to taste like authentic iced tea, this is crafted using select teas and natural flavours. Pours a clear, amber colour and is filled with aromas and flavours of fresh brewed tea and lemon. Smooth on the palate and is balanced by just the right amount of sweetness.

December Tasting Notes by Lynn Coulthard

Cave de Lugny Cremant de Bourgogne Rosé NV

Nothing says celebrate like a glass of bubbly! This richly textured sparkling offers floral aromas combined with vibrant notes of strawberry, red cherry and brioche. The fresh acidity and lively mousse make it perfect for pairing with appetizers such as smoked salmon, sushi and tempura.

Kettle Valley Cabernet Merlot

Made from an even blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Merlot that spent 20 months resting in French oak to give it that extra layer of complexity. This wine is drinking beautifully now with the Cabernet lending black currant and cocoa notes whilst Merlot brings in the baked plum fruit flavours. Roast meats would work nicely with this winter wine.

Perseus White

This unoaked blend makes for great versatility in pairing with foods. The slight off-dry style shows just a kiss of honey and makes for an ideal match for your turkey dinner. A silky texture carries through the rich flavours of apple, quince and stone fruits on the palate. Find this crowd pleaser below in the Locally Crafted Basket.

Meyer Pinot Noir

This Pinot Noir showcases the Okanagan using fruit from McLean Creek Vineyard in Okanagan Falls combined with southeast Kelowna vineyards. An elegant wine with a velvety texture offering bright red cherry and cranberry flavours with a hint of cinnamon on the finish. The fresh kick of acidity is perfect for cutting through cranberry crusted Brie and great for pairing with turkey laced with cranberry sauce!

Canadian Club 40

This rare whisky was released in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday. Silky rich toffee coats the mouth carrying through notes of sweet baking spice and pepper. Flavours of caramelized dried orchard fruits meld with vanilla and ginger on the palate. Seductively smooth and an amazing offer for such an aged whisky.

Jefferson’s Ocean Small Batch Bourbon

This big, rich Bourbon bursts with flavours of orange peel, raisin, floral notes and salted caramel finishing with subtle hints of smoke. It is a close resemblance to how bourbon tasted in the late 1700s, when it used to flow down the Ohio River by boat. This is a truly unique and exciting bourbon.

Auchentoshan - 18 years old

Triple distillation gives a whisky free of impurities with a smooth texture. This whisky boasts superb richness with layers of roasted nuts, tea and complex wood spices from long term ageing. This limited release is a great introduction into single malt whiskies that will sell out quickly..

Glenfiddich Project XX

A rich and complex whisky laden with berry fruit, roasted almond and a myriad of warm winter mulling spice finishing with some rich port undertones.

L’Egérie du Château de Chéreau 200

Ripe plum, black cherry and slight earthiness combined with supple tannins offers a very approachable wine that is drinking nicely now. Pair with lighter game meats such as duck and pheasant with a dark cherry jus. Tagliatelle with wild forest mushrooms would also make for a great match.

Château Bibian 2010

Rich, full-bodied and concentrated wine that offers plenty of flavours with cassis, forest floor and dusty cocoa coming through on the palate. Heavier meats would stand up nicely. Roast beef accompanied with Yorkshire pudding or a flank steak served off the grill.

Seigneur de Talbot 2005

A complex and medium bodied, elegant Bordeaux that can be enjoyed now. For pairing, roast lamb on the simpler side with a hint of mint jus as to not overpower the wine’s complexity or to be savoured and enjoyed with aged hard cheeses.

November Tasting Notes

Jameson Irish Whiskey
Ireland’s quintessential Irish blend. Triple distillation makes for a smooth elegant mouthfeel that carries flavours of honey, vanilla and caramelized apple

JP Wiser’s Deluxe Canadian Whisky
This award-winning and full-flavoured Canadian rye whisky is Wiser’s flagship brand. Rich aromas of warm toffee and vanilla spice carry through on the palate.

Bombay Sapphire Gin
Ten hand-picked botanicals from around the world are used in the production of this London Dry gin. Piney juniper notes are infused with citrus peel and liquorice.

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky
Big and flavourful. A blend of 50 different whiskies go into the making of this Canadian whisky. Loads of wood spice with dried stonefruits dominate the flavours. Creamy and rich.

Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve Scotch Whisky
Named in tribute to the distillery founder, George Smith. This single malt Scotch has a round and creamy mouthfeel that is mingled with flavours of orange zest, apricot, caramel and layers of sweet spice.

Bacardi Superior White Rum
Aged for one year in charred American oak this classic white rum offers notes of citrus and subtle vanilla spice. Try in a lime mojito!

Russian Standard Vodka
Produced in Russia from the finest winter wheat. This vodka is ultra-clean and smooth on the palate. Perfect for mixing or in a martini!

Stolichnaya Vodka
Stolichnaya’s has long standing Russian roots stemming back to 1948.  It is a classic wheat and rye grain vodka with slight citrus and floral aromas. The palate is smooth with hints of aniseed.

Lamarca Prosecco
A lively Italian sparkling with aromas of fresh citrus, honey and white flowers. The palate is fresh and clean offering flavours of ripe lemon, apple and grapefruit.

 Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc
Dry, fresh and zesty. Classic New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc packed with passionfruit and juicy grapefruit flavours. As the name suggests this wine makes for a fantastic pairing with shellfish.

Perseus Merlot
Lifted aromas brimming with plush berry and plum fruit is mixed with notes of vanilla and coffee. An approachable red wine with softer tannins making for early drinking. Grilled meats would make for a great match.

Louis Martini Cabernet Sauvignon
This full-bodied and rich style of red will keep you warm on those winter nights. Dense flavours of blackberry jam and blackcurrants are combined with toasty oak spice.

Occidental Pilsner
Occidental's take on the lager style is a largely Bohemian-style pilsner with a bit of Bavarian pedigree. Crisp, clean and dry, Czech Saaz hops crown this fresh light beer.

Rock Creek Dry Apple Cider
This dry, medium bodied cider is packed full of orchard apples with notes of pear, vanilla and a hint of cinnamon. The mouth feel is crisp and dry. A cider that would work deliciously with a slice of cheddar or Gouda cheese.

Molson Canadian
An easy drinking lager made from prairie barley and Canadian water.

Coors Banquet
Coors has been brewing beer in Colorado for 140 years. Using only Rocky Mountain spring water makes for a refreshing crisp beer.

Whistler Chestnut Ale
GOLD at the 2017 Canadian Beer Awards under the herb & spice category! Roasted chestnuts impart a bold nutty character loaded rich flavours yet the balance of hops manage to offer a clean finish.

Big Rock Barn Burner Variety Pack
A "barn burner" is an unpretentious party with energy and excitement that celebrates the harvest, marks the end of summer and the transition to the more contemplative seasons. This year’s variety pack offers the Traditional Ale, Wunderbier Dunkelweizen, Pilsner and Magpie Rye Ale.

October Featured Products: Tasting Notes

Macallan Gold

The Gold is the lightest of the Macallan 1824 series. An elegant yet rich style displaying notes of warm toffee spice alongside dried banana and spiced oatmeal with uplifting hints of pear. Sherry notes finish on a clean length – a perfect whisky for the transition into autumn.

Knob Creek

This handcrafted Bourbon pours a brilliant amber colour. The nose is fragrant with aromas of caramel, vanilla and a touch of sweet apricot; on the palate it is rich and full-bodied packed with sweet oak spice flavours.


Smirnoff was the first vodka to use charcoal filtration in the distillation process to produce a clean crisp style combined with a smooth texture which is ideal for mixing. Try in a Moscow Mule over crushed ice with ginger beer and a squeeze of lime.

Croix St. Martin Bordeaux

With aromas of soft red fruits and an easy drinking style it is no wonder this is such an approachable wine. The blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc grapes impart texture and roundness.

Danzante Prosecco

The uplifting fruity aromas of pear, melon and stone fruits remind one of summer. Lively bubbles dance on the palate and while juicy fruit flavours refresh. This would pair nicely with salads, seafood and melon wrapped in prosciutto.

Perseus White Blend

This unoaked blend makes for great versatility in pairing with foods. The slight off-dry style shows just a kiss of honey and makes for an ideal match for your turkey dinner. A silky texture carries through the rich flavours of apple, quince and stone fruits on the palate.  This is sure to be a crowd pleaser for Thanksgiving!

Rockstar Fruit Punch

As the name suggests this Rockstar is punched and packed full of fruit tasting like a tropical summer salad drizzled in honey. A lively spritz helps carry it through on the palate.

Palm Bay Grapefruit

Bubbly light pink colour; aromas of fresh pink grapefruit dusted with sugar, rose petals and orange zest; on the palate it is refreshingly sweet and tart with flavours of ruby red grapefruit and ginger ale.


Grolsch lager is triple cold filtered making a smooth and light refreshing beer. The flavours show subtle maltiness with a faint tinge of hops.


Brewed using American and European hops in the finest traditions for American lagers dating back to 1844. This is light refreshing beer with a clean crisp finish. An ideal beer for taking in the sun.

Sleeman Original

The Original Draught combines Sleeman's premium brewing heritage with the freshness and sociability of traditional draught beer. The aroma is of sweet, with a hint of a yeasty malt note. This unpasteurized lager goes down well in the company of friends.

Parkside Pale

Relaxed west coast pale ale with an emphasis on hops rather than bitterness. Subtle malt combined with hop aromatics create a highly satisfying pale ale for any occasion

Yellow Dog Play Dead IPA

One of the finest IPAs around. Amber in colour bursting with citrusy hops and a medium bodied malt bill.

Howe Sound Lager

Pours a slightly hazy medium amber colour, light malt, cereal and citrus. Floral hops, dry and medium-bodied, clean and easy drinking.