The Hatch B. Yanco

Made predominantly from Pinot Blanc with just a dollop of Gewurztraminer to add a hint of a floral note. An Okanagan gem that has seen no oak and is produced in a crisp, clean style with refreshing acidity. It is laden with citrus fruits, green apple and tangy grapefruit on the finish. Perfect as a summer sipper. Try with poached BC salmon and apple spinach salad.


Raza Pinot Grigio

The Argentinian producer, La Riojana is known for its amazing wines and at an affordable price. Produced in a northern Italian Pinot Grigio style, this wine is light bodied, dry and offers juicy mouth watering acidity along with flavours of apple, white peach and lemon peel. Smoked BC salmon with a touch of dill mayo makes for a great appy pairing!


Fitzpatrick RosΓ©

So exciting to see these wines out on the market from the Fitzpatrick family (prior owners of Cedar Creek winery) This Pinot Noir Rose only sees some skin contact making for a light., delicate style. The wine has a wonderful creamy mid-palate texture and is brimming with strawberry, rhubarb and a hint of sweet spice. Baked BC salmon with a rhubarb and strawberry compote is one delicious match!


Trapiche Pinot Noir

This Argentinian Pinot Noir is a light and refreshing fruit driven wine. It bursts with a melody of red fruit flavours of strawberry, cherries and ripe plums. An easy drinking style that can be enjoyed on its own. Pinot Noir goes beautifully with chargrilled BC salmon so fire up the barby!


Russian Standard Vodka

Classic Russian Vodka to the core. Using only winter wheat from the Russian Steppes and fresh glacial water from the northern lakes, this Vodka is crafted to produce a clean and crisp style. Smooth subtle flavours of citrus and mineral. Sip neat or try over crushed ice with ginger beer and lime for a great Moscow Mule!


Nirasaki Japanese Whisky

This blended Japanese Whisky has flavours of dried citrus peel with layers of sweet clove and vanilla spice to make for a rich and flavourful style of Whisky. Best served neat or on the rocks. For a long drink, add soda with a squeeze of lemon.



Semi dry-medium bodied, cloudy cider. Aroma of sweet ripe apples and candy. Best served on ice.


Red Racer ISA

Mosaic hops lend to this light and fruity ale. Bitterness and malt balanced with hop aromatics. Big on flavour, yet low in alcohol.


Parkside Dimwit

Port Moody take on a Belgian classic. Unfiltered wit with subtle notes of clove, coriander and citrus.


Corona 12-Pack

Brewed since 1925, and the colour of sunshine. Low bitterness and extra pale malt give Corona a light body and flavour. A top selling beer worldwide,  best enjoyed with a slice of citrus and a warm patio.


Stanley Park Sunsetter

 Hazy, pours with a big fluffy head, huge peach aroma and a little sweet, sunsetter wheat will make peach fans extremely happy.


Stiegl Radler

A classic Bavarian lager blended with natural grapefruit juice: result? The perfect summer beer. 2.5% abv and 75 calories per glass.


Whistler Grapefruit

Summer blonde with a twist, the addition of grapefruit zest, a little coriander and two types of hops. The result is a refreshingly aromatic, lightly hopped beer with a clean citrus finish.


Nude Vodka Soda Mixed Pack

Only 3 ingredients: premium vodka, sparkling water and natural lime. Zero sugar, zero carbs, gluten-free and only 100 calories. Four flavours inside: strawberry kiwi, peach, lime and cucumber mint.